Version 4.7.7 build 220 available!

Version 4.7.7 available for download.

What's new in 4.7.7 build 220:

  • Fix "Not a valid win32 application" error on XP/2003
  • Change email encoding to utf8

What's new in v4.7.7:

  • Added "update account after account updated" feature
  • Added dns service
  • Added dns service
  • Added dns service
  • Added dns service
  • Fix CloudFlare dns service (using api v4)
  • Fix DNSExit dns service
  • Fix Windows2000 support
  • Fix dns service
  • Fix dns service
  • Fix DNSMadeEasy dns service (ssl error)
  • Update OpenSSL to version 1.02j
  • Added support for http "Transfer-Encoding:chunked"
  • Improved email addresses parsing
  • Redesign modules linkage (crt dlls not required anymore)
  • Fix a crash when deleting multiple URLs in IP detection page
  • Fix various memory leaks (mainly when closing OpenSSL)




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