DirectUpdate is a shareware. It means you can use/test/evaluate it freely during the trial period (60 days).
But if you like it and decide to use it, register!
(after trial period expiration, main features are disabled)

By registering this product you will help me maintain and support it.


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  • You are using DirectUpdate for business?
  • You want to install/run DirectUpdate engine on a server (NT4server, 2000server, 2003, SBS, ISA...)?
  • You need to buy a "professional" license:
  • You make a personal/private use of DirectUpdate?
  • You do not run DirectUpdate engine on a server?
  • Buy the "standard" license:
Professional license: $49
Standard license: $25

You live in the Euro area ? You can also pay directly in Euros and avoid foreign currency fees:
Professional license: 49€
Standard license: 25€

Some features are available only when using a "professional" license, more info here.
"Professional" license owners are given priority and unlimited support.

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